How do you inspire or motivate your team of professionals? Is team building really successful? Research has proven that company leaders who spend time getting to know their employees and building relationships will inspire and motivate them to become more engaged and take more ownership in the company. Corporations spend millions of dollars on training new employees just to lose them in less than a year. Outings can create better working relationships between employees, managers and often makes it more difficult for employees to change jobs.

Therefore, let us plan a day trip, an overnight stay or a complete tour package for your group to establish healthy relationships among your employees. Our goal at Champion Coach is to help you keep your team satisfied and proud of the company they represent by assisting in the development and planning of corporate outings.

With the addition of our corporate/entertainment motorcoaches, you are guaranteed a first-class travel experience. These motorcoaches are designed especially for corporations that demand all the amenities of exceptional travel. Each features leather seats, lounge seating, ample leg room, tray tables, work desk, LCD flat screens, Wi-Fi, a full galley and 110v electrical outlets throughout the cabin. Call us today to discuss the possibilities.

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