Behind the wheel of our world-class fleet is a team of professionals who are dedicated to safety, comfort and on-time performance. With tight schedules and heavy traffic, Champion Coach drivers must be able to handle the pressure of getting passengers to their destination on time. Our knowledgeable, uniformed drivers have years of experience and receive exceptional safety training that includes driving in diverse, unpredictable conditions related to weather and traffic as well as all federal DOT, HOS, DOD, FMCSA, and state regulations.

Motorcoaches can travel to many places that other forms of mass transportation cannot reach, but some of the roads present a real challenge. Driving in big cities, such as New York or Washington, D.C., tests even the best; yet, Champion Coach drivers handle those conditions with great confidence. You can be certain you’ll arrive at your destination safely.

At Champion Coach, our goal is to provide every group with the optimum travel experience. We treat your group with the same attention to detail that has earned Champion Coach’s impeccable reputation in the world of professional and collegiate sports! With grand style motorcoaches and high service standards, we look forward to driving your group – and making it a unique experience. Our professional drivers become part of your group. They expect the unexpected. They are accommodating and flexible attending to every travel detail. More reasons we’re the choice of champions!

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