School Travel

Since 1998, Champion Coach has earned its reputation by providing world-class service to hundreds of top professional teams and college sports programs throughout the country. We bring the same attention to detail to school trips. Teachers and students are as important as the professional coaches and athletes to Champion Coach, and our equipment is beyond expectation. Our highly maintained motorcoaches are immaculately cleaned, comfortable, and offer GPS tracking/monitoring to bring peace of mind to administrators, teachers, parents and chaperones. Champion Coach raises the bar by delivering exceptional service in beautiful dependable motorcoaches.

It is often difficult to find effective methods of teaching that will complement the curriculum and inspire student interest. We know the best learning experiences come directly from real-world experiences and travels. With Champion Coach, your class or club experiences the road trip without stress or hassle. For this reason, Champion Coach is dedicated to help you, the educator, customize field trips that will enhance the learning experience.

We also know that with permission slips, tight schedules and parent questions, you have more important things to worry about than your transportation. Let Champion Coach provide you with the most dependable reliable motorcoach transportation to and from your destination. From the polished white exteriors to the understated luxury inside, every detail of a Champion motorcoach is a reflection of our insistence on bringing the highest standard of quality to every school we serve. Impeccably maintained by a staff of experienced technicians, our motorcoaches transform school travel into a unique experience. Each makes an unmistakable statement about our shared commitment to safety and professionalism.

And with Champion Coach, none of the experience, extra services and quality equipment should come as a surprise. You see, the champions – and the high-performance schools – ride here.